Globetrotting Stories

I’ve always believed everyone has a story. Whether it’s a personal struggle, a battle to overcome a challenge, an adventure, a trip of a lifetime, or perhaps just a fond memory you’ll never forget.

No matter who you are, we all have stories.

I’ll be using this blog to document some stories from the people I meet whilst travelling. To those who’ve shared their story: thank you for letting me in. To my readers: hope you enjoy the stories.

The Traveller

Meet Mike. He started travelling around Asia in December 2015 leaving behind work, family, friends and his two dogs back home in the UK. Having travelled for just over a year I thought I’d ask him a few questions about his experience so far.


The Driver & Inspirer


The Driver & Inspirer. Oh you’re a journalist. I better watch what I say”. While travelling I’ve had many people say that to me. I laugh it off, but deep down I know they do probably watch what they say. Sometimes it’s left me with strange feelings. But two days ago I got speaking to a local Cambodian driver and remembered why I wanted a career in the journalism industry and just why I can’t wait to get back to being a full time journalist – whenever that happens to be!

The Writer


On one of the most beautiful beach islands in Cambodia I met a number of interesting people from all walks of life. One of those people was Chakradhar, or Chuck to me, you and everyone one else he introduces himself to. After hearing he’s a writer, I asked if I could read some of his work. Inspired by his imaginative and poetic style of writing I asked if I could share some of his writing here on my blog. I’ll leave you with this short story: ‘The Brandy Man’